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White Wine

1.     Sauvignon Blanc, Ngaru Marborough - New Zealand

Pure , flavourful, intense and well-structured with aromas and flavours of passion fruit and grass.


175ml Glass £5.25     250ml Glass £6.95

2.     Pinot Grigio DOC Della Venezie, San Giorgio - Italy

A very classic Pinot Grigio with notes of nuts, pear, melon and even some banana. Gold Medal Winner 2018 The Global Pinot Grigio Masters Awards.


175ml Glass £4.35     250ml Glass £5.75

3.     Moscato, Vistamar Brisa - Chile

A medium sweet wine with a lovely expression of pears, peaches and hints of honey.


175ml Glass £3.95     250ml Glass £5.25

4.     Sauvignon Blanc, Peregrino - Chile

A Well-balanced with restrained aromatics of citrus and minerals, lemony acidity and a lightly herbal finish.


175ml Glass £3.95     250ml Glass £5.25

5.     Chardonnay, Mountbridge Reserve - Australia

A well-balanced wine with light white peaches and plums and a suggestion of coconut milk.


175ml Glass £4.15     250ml Glass £5.45

6.     Rioja Blanco, Señorial - Spain

Brilliant, pale straw yellow colour with greenish hues. Fruity, varietal bouquet. Lively, fresh mouthfeel with good balance.


Red Wine

7.     Malbec, Old Station - Argentina

Well balanced, rich wine with lush fruit flavours of boysenberry and blackberry, along with vibrant acidity. Stays pure and focused, with suave toast, mineral and spice notes on the fruit-filled finish.


175ml Glass £4.95     250ml Glass £6.75

8.     Pinot Noir, Parlez-Vous Val De Loire - France

A lovely light and delicate Pinot Noir from the Loire with cherry fruits in abundance.


175ml Glass £4.35     250ml Glass £5.75

9.     Merlot, Peregrino - Chile

A juicy, soft and approachable wine bursting with blackberries, blueberries and also some raspberry.


175ml Glass £3.95     250ml Glass £5.25

10.     Cabernet Sauvignon, Pierre Lacasse - France

An easy drinking, medium bodied wine with bramble fruit, ripe plums and some subtle spice.


175ml Glass £3.95     250ml Glass £5.25

11.     Shiraz, Mountbridge Reserve - Australia

Juicy, soft and enjoyable this is medium bodied with red berry fruit, baked plums and nutmeg.


175ml Glass £4.15     250ml Glass £5.45

12.     Rioja Tinto, Señorial - Spain

Light bodied, juicy and easy drinking with baked raspberry fruit and quite firm tannins.


Rosé Wine

13.     Pinot Grigio Rosé DOC Della Venezie, San Giorgio - Italy

Delicate, dry and fresh, this is light in colour with notes of pear, bubblegum and rosehip.


175ml Glass £4.35     250ml Glass £5.75

14.     Zinfandel Rosé, Out Of America - USA

Flavourful and off-dry with notes of baked summer pudding, lychees, exotic fruit and tutti frutti.


175ml Glass £4.15     250ml Glass £5.45

15.     Prosecco Spumante, One4One - 20cl Italy

Fresh and light, peach, green apple with secondary notes of acacia and lilac.


16.     Prosecco Spumante, Nuà - Italy

Aromas and flavours of melon and green apples. Simply delicious!


17.     Spumante Brut Rosé, Nuà - Italy

Lightly aromatic with notes of melon, pear and sweet cranberry on the nose and palate.


18.     Champagne, Jules Feraud - France

Fresh and extremely appealing with notes of caramel, buttered toast, grilled nuts and pistachio shells.


19.     Champagne, Jules Feraud Rosé - France

Beautifully balanced, elegant and refined with bread and butter pudding, apple crumble and toasted hazelnuts.


20.     Champagne, Bollinger Special Cuvée - France

Orchard fruit flavours and a rich buttercream finish.


21.     Champagne, Bollinger Rosé - France

Toasty and crisp Rosé showing flavours of summer berry fruits.


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